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From <>
Subject Re: find all uninitialized variables?
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 02:10:42 GMT
Looks like a cool QA tool, I'll check it out.


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From: "Tyler MacDonald" <>
To: "Harry Zhu" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: find all uninitialized variables?

> Harry Zhu <> wrote:
> > Say I have a file directory with hundreds of modules, I want to know if
> > there is a tool I can scan and identify the uninitalized variables in
> > the files once (or through a loop) without actually running through all
> > pages.
> If you don't want to run through all the pages and possibilites
> yourself, I reccommend selenium:
> That will allow you to create test suites that run in your browser
> that go through every page and try to do things on it. Then you can check
> your error logs and, if your test does everything a regular user possibly
> could, you'll have a list of all your uninitialized variables, as well as
> possibly turning up some bugs you hadn't tested for before.
> There's no easy way to do tell whether or not a variable is going to
> be used throughout the course of a webpage, except watching the warnings
> running every single code path that web page has (logged in, not logged
> filled out this form element before hitting "submit", didn't, etc.)
> You might be able to do detect global variables that aren't used by
> a package, but nowadays over 90% of variables are local (my) variables,
> still... What if the variable isn't initialized in one module, because
> another module initializes it?
> Devel::Cover can help to see if you're running every single code
> path possible in the code you care about; Devel::Trace and Devel::Profile
> can help to see exactly what code you're actually running and when.
> If you just want to get rid of the warnings and don't care whether
> or not the module is using it's variables cleanly, you can add the line
> no warnings 'uninitalized';
> to each module that you're being annoyed by.
> - Tyler

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