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From "JupiterHost.Net" <>
Subject Re: Long Running Process - make it a daemon?
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 15:16:45 GMT

>>our CMS create sometimes long runnig tasks. This Tasks we start with the
>>following code:
>>`/usr/bin/perl  -e 'use Modul; Modul->function($arg);' > /dev/null &`;
>>This works. Apache returns the html-page and the long running function
>>goes into the background. But if we restart Apache all childs and our
>>long running function was killed :-(
>>Could i daemonize the long running process to be sure that he wasn't
>>killed by a apache restart? Maybe with Proc::Daemon.
>>Is the a good solution or somebody knows a better way to do it?

use Acme::Spork;

my $spork_pid = spork(\&long_running_proc, @args) or die "could not fork 
for spork: $!";

Its "Acme" but its hardcore awesome and useful. (could prolly be in 
Proc:: with a more "professional" name, but "Spork" is pretty much a fun 
name (but fitting no?) which is why its in Acme)

I've never used it in mod_perl but I imagine it should work just fine 
including the children :)

It also has daemonize funtion that is a shortcut for Proc::Daemon's Init 
if you truly want to daemonize the script at that point, but it doesn't 
sound like that is what you want.

HTH :)

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