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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: Problems with PerlRun
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 23:32:24 GMT
On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 17:23 -0600, Patrick Kennedy wrote:
> With PerlRun, after the script has run the name space is supposed
> to be flushed of all variables and subroutines. Right?

Not exactly.  It clears the symbol table that the script uses.  It
doesn't touch lexical (my) variables, since those should go out of scope
on their own.

> #!/usr/bin/perl -w
> use strict;
> use CGI;
> my $query = new CGI;
> my $x = $query->param('x') || '0';
> print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
> print $x;

Is this really the exact script you're running?  If so, I suspect the
problem is an old version of that needs to be updated.

- Perrin

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