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From "Len Kranendonk" <>
Subject Re: Why is my apache parent process growing...
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 20:48:25 GMT
>  Do you have any globals or other shared information that grows very
>  large?  Do you read in any large data sets either from a database or
>  a file into the application all at once?

We're using a global %session hash, which is undef 'fed when the session is 
I'm not reading in large data sets, but even if I did that should grow the 
child process,
not the parent process, right ?

The application I'm talking about is WebGUI, a CMS written in perl. I've 
mailed the
WebGUI list earlier today. It seems that the people running on Linux don't 
have the
problem that's causing me pain. That's why I start to believe that it's a 
FreeBSD/mod_perl issue.

The problem is not limited to WebGUI, I also have it on two boxes that serve 
results. The only thing that's running there is SOAP::Lite, HTML::Template, 
and Cache::FileCache. After two months that http root process has grown from 
20MB to 185MB.


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