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From Peter Walsham <>
Subject [mp2] local %ENV causes Segmentation fault or Bus error
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:53:14 GMT


Thanks for your reply.

First off a bit of CPAN wierdness. With perl -MCPAN 'install Sys::HostIP' 
you get version 1.0 (07 Jun 2000), rather than the latest version (1.3.1 
29 Sep 2003), something to do with the change of owner (five->bluelines). 
Unfortunately 1.0 is the only version which doesn't use local %ENV (...and 
hostip() was the old method not the new one). (07 Jun 2000) (29 Sep 2003)

Did you check how many httpd processes you had running? 

ps -A | grep httpd | wc -l

You will only get the Seg fault or Bus error when a process comes round 
for recycling.

For convenience you could reduce the number in httpd.conf: 

<IfModule prefork.c> 
 StartServers         1
 MinSpareServers      1
 MaxSpareServers      1
 MaxClients         150
 MaxRequestsPerChild  0

I have actively tested this problem on 6 different machines (different 
OSs and mod_per versions), and am therefore fairly sure it exists. I was 
doing some testing as I am looking to upgrade to mod_perl 2.0. I have 30+ 
machines running 1.99_09 where local %ENV isn't a problem.

Cheers Pete

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