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From "Josh Narins" <>
Subject Re: Phase/URL repeat
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 15:31:20 GMT
>From: Jeremy Nixon <>
>Josh Narins <> wrote:
> > As you suspected, everything in the second set returns 0 for
> > $r->is_initial_req().
> >
> > However, I never call internal_redirect.
> >
> > What else might be doing it?
> >
> > To make sure you are confused, the first request returns the content, 
>and I
> > have no idea where the output of the (seeming) internal redirect goes.
>It's probably a subrequest or lookup_uri call, then.  It's hard to say why
>something would be doing a lookup on /bar for a /foo/bar request, unless
>your code is doing it.  Are there actual on-disk directories involved
>in /foo/bar?

Thanks for helping me figure this out.

There are no on-disk directories /foo/bar under the document root. I'm sure 
it isn't relevant, but /baz/foo does exist there.

I never call lookup_uri.

I also tried /foo/bar/blah and tried this once (i.e. it tried /foo/bar, and 
didn't end up trying simply /foo)

If it is just internal_redirect and lookup_uri, perhaps I should add some 
debugging to to see what is calling it?

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