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From (Randal L. Schwartz)
Subject Re: go crazy with me
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 20:10:42 GMT
>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Moyer <> writes:

Fred> Can you explain a bit more why using keep-alives to the backend is not
Fred> a good thing?  I've always been under the impression from conference
Fred> lectures and literature that turning keep-alives on for the app server
Fred> is something you should do to reduce the overhead of creating new tcp
Fred> connections to the proxy server.

Imagine wanting to have 50 fronts and 10 backs.  If you use keep alives,
that'll end up being 50 fronts and 50 backs.

The overhead of reconnecting shouldn't be much of an issue here, because
your front and back machines are probably very close together, and the cost
of lookup and reverse lookup shouldn't be much.

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