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From Tyler MacDonald <>
Subject Re: Hitting head against wall: can't get perl to execute file
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 03:29:52 GMT
Peter1 Alvin <> wrote:
> I'm trying to set up modperl on Windows XP.  Instead of executing the
> file, I get this returned to my browser:

> But, I can't seem to configure Apache to actually *run* my script.
> I've tried all these directives:
> <Files *.pm>
>     SetHandler modperl
> </Files>
> AddHandler modperl pm
> Can anyone help me???

	I like the first one better. But to get those files to be handled by
mod_perl, you need to tell them what handler to use to load them. Are you
wanting to use perl modules (.pm) files, or cgi scripts in mod_perl? For CGI
scripts, i'd use:

<Files *.pm>
	PerlModule		ModPerl::Registry
	SetHandler		perl-script
	PerlResponseHandler	ModPerl::Registry

	If you want to use actual modules (eg; part of your @INC is your web
root and you want to run their handlers) I'd use something like this, with

<Files *.pm>
	PerlModule		ModPerl::PackageRegistry
	SetHandler		perl-script
	PerlResponseHandler	ModPerl::PackageRegistry
	PackageNamespace	My::Site


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