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From Malcolm J Harwood <>
Subject Re: apache::session not writing to db
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 20:01:29 GMT
On Sunday 18 December 2005 02:31 pm, Michael Greenish wrote:

> Note that I set 'stuff' immediately after the session
> is created.  I would expect at this point that the
> database be updated.

That's incorrect. The database is only updated when the session is untied 
(usually on going out of scope).

> The session is inserted into the sessions table, but
> the a_session is never updated.  I tried using the
> tied( %session )->make_modified, and I tried untie(
> %session ) when I am done with the request, but none
> of those seem to cause anything to be written in the
> database.

untie %session should work. What happens if you do that in your constructor 

>	$session{'stuff'} = 'is this in the database?';

If that works, you've got a problem in your code somewhere. If it doesn't, the 
it could be a db permissions issue or something. Do you get any errors in 
your logs?

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