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Subject Weird Apache/DBI problems
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:00:15 GMT
Hi list,

I recently transferred our application to a more powerful server running
debian 3.1. As always I compiled the important parts (perl 5.8.7 without
threads and apache 1.3.34/mod_perl plus a lot of cpan modules) myself. Our
application (which uses Mason) ran fine for the last 3 years on all kinds
of setups (including debian 3.1) but on the new machine the apache is currently
running wild.
As soon as more than one parallel request is made I immediately get
unexplainable DBI errors like "fetch() without execute()", "DBD driver
has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute" or "Commands out of sync;
you can't run this command now". These messages do not appear when running
httpd in single-server mode (-X). I have removed debian's apache and cpan 
packages and recompiled everything - but that didn't help either. So far
I've tried a MySQL 5.0 binary from and the 4.1.11 one provided
by debian.

Any idea on what could cause this or where to look for more information
is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!


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