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From Jeremy Nixon <>
Subject Re: MP2 custom config directives
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 01:01:24 GMT
Geoffrey Young  <> wrote:

> your description sounds correct for default behavior.  and I think it
> matches what you quoted :)

Hmm.  I took the description in the docs to mean that the directives would
override the "above" config on a per-directive basis.  It certainly didn't
occur to me that it would be per-module, but okay, that explains that, and
it makes sense now.

> you need to specify both SERVER_CREATE and SERVER_MERGE.

And that would explain that.

> are only for things that can exist only on a per-server level, such as the
> PerlTransHandler (as opposed to the PerlFixupHandler which can appear
> per-server or per-directory).  make sense?

Ohhhh.  I came away from my (probably six or seven dozen) readings of the
docs thinking that DIR_{CREATE,MERGE} were for merging into <Directory> and
related containers, and SERVER_{CREATE,MERGE} were for merging into
virtual host containers.  So, I tried the SERVER_* ones, since the first
directives I was doing were server-level only.  But I'm reading them in
HeaderParser, Authen, Authz, and Log.  So, yeah.

> see

Thank you very much.  I think I now have the Magic Clue.

Jeremy  |

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