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From "Simon Miner" <>
Subject Stopping subrequests
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 20:55:20 GMT


I am running Apache 1.31 with mod_perl 1.27 and am writing a new app for
our site using a custom PerlHandler (as opposed to PerlRun, as has been
our practice).  I noticed that my PerlTransHandler modules were being
called twice, and with a modified URI the second time around.  If my URI
was /app/checkout/login, I would see the correct URI on the first trip
through, but then /checkout/login on the second trip.


After searching the mailing list archives, it seems that Apache might be
launching a subrequest because there is no physical /app/checkout/login
file or directory on the server.  I found a potential workaround in
setting up a PerlPostReadRequestHandler to explicitly call each
PerlTransHandler and then set the TransHandler to undef (see
g=subrequest%20rv;#50068), but I don't think this actually stops the
subrequest from being fired.  Plus, it could be confusing to someone who
doesn't know what's going on.


I also saw info on mod_dir.  I suppose this could be turned off, but I'm
not sure it's the appropriate place to look since the directory in
question (/apps/checkout/login) does not even exist.  Besides, mod_dir
is useful elsewhere, and I don't think I can switch it off locally in a
<Location> directive.  (The docs say that AllowOverride None can only be
used in a <Directory>.)


Is there a way to avoid the subrequest for /checkout/login altogether?
If not, is the PostReadRequestHandler the best workaround?  Is mod_dir
pertinent to this problem at all, and if so, what's the best way to
tweak it?


Thanks in advance.


- Simon


Simon Miner

Applications Engineer



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