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From Pierre Smolarek <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI + DBD::Multiplex
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 20:15:29 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> 2 possible avenues to investigate:
>  - Change your code to not use an array-ref as mx_dsns argument but some string (comma
delimited, etc)
>  - Look at changing Apache::DBI to not use the ref as part of the dsn cache key, but
use the contents of the array
>    something along the lines of :
>     $Key = Dumper(\@_);

The arrayref is a requirment of multiplex. I'll do some hacking in both 
modules and see what works. I'm not certain if the first possible change 
would work as suggested as Apache::DBI would end up caching possibly 
just one, if any of the multiple potential DB connections. The target 
will be to cache a persistant connection for all DB servers that 
multiplex is setup to query against.

I'm not completly up to scratch when or how Apache::DBI does its magic, 
either within the connect call of my DBI handle or within Multiplex's 
(as multiplex does a similar thing to Apache::DBI in redirecting the 
connect request).

I'll report back any findings.

Many thanks,


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