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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Fwd: PAUSE indexer report OPI/Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06.tar.gz
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:35:17 GMT

I have just uploaded Apache::DBI::Cache to cpan. The module aims at the same 
problems as Apache::DBI but works different.

While Apache::DBI caches connections at connect time this module caches them 
only at disconnect or DESTROY.

Apache::DBI does not distinguish between currently used and free connections. 
Hence, it cannot support multiple identical connections. This module does. 

Apache::DBI resets all connections at request cleanup. Apache::DBI::Cache 
intercepts disconnect or DESTROY events to do that.

As does Apache::DBI it works with mp1 and mp2. It also provides handle 
statistics via Apache::Status respectively Apache2::Status. 
Apache::DBI::Cache can use BerkeleyDB as a shared memory implementation to 
provide statistics for the whole Apache process group instead of a single 

Apache::DBI::Cache includes the DBD driver name in the caching key while 
Apache::DBI does not. Hence with Apache::DBI the following 2 DSNs can result 
in the same DBI handle: dbi:mysql:dbname=db and dbi:Pg:dbname=db

Apache::DBI::Cache has a plugin interface to treat different database types 

I wrote this module because Apache::DBI had changed the logic of our programs. 
Further, we had really much DSNs mostly MySQL in various configuration files 
all using different syntaxes to connect to a dozen databases on 2 database 
hosts. With the Apache::DBI::Cache and the mysql plugin we could strip the 
number of connections down to a handful of permanent connections per Apache 

There are still cases when Apache::DBI::Cache changes the logic of your 
program but less than with Apache::DBI.


----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

Subject: PAUSE indexer report OPI/Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06.tar.gz
Date: Wednesday 30 November 2005 10:58
From: PAUSE <>

The following report has been written by the PAUSE namespace indexer.
Please contact if there are any open questions.
  Id: mldistwatch 676 2005-11-24 20:38:34Z k

               User: OPI (Torsten Foertsch)
  Distribution file: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06.tar.gz
    Number of files: 14
         *.pm files: 2
             README: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06/README
           META.yml: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06/META.yml
  Timestamp of file: Wed Nov 30 09:33:38 2005 UTC
   Time of this run: Wed Nov 30 09:58:38 2005 UTC

The following packages (grouped by status) have been found in the distro:

Status: Successfully indexed

     module: Apache::DBI::Cache
    version: 0.06
    in file: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06/lib/Apache/DBI/
     status: indexed

     module: Apache::DBI::Cache::db
    version: 0.06
    in file: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06/lib/Apache/DBI/
     status: indexed

     module: Apache::DBI::Cache::mysql
    version: 0.05
    in file: Apache-DBI-Cache-0.06/lib/Apache/DBI/Cache/
     status: indexed



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