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From Jonathan <>
Subject POST vs GET
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 23:14:54 GMT
Background Running: current stable of mp2 and libapreq-devel

     I'm allowing GET style urls to forms for pre-population
     If the POST action is dirty though, i get cross contamination of  
vars IF there was a NULL action in the form

         becomes form:
           {form action="" method=POST"}
           email: []
           subject: [ hello ]
           body: []

     if i submit that, then it submits the POST data (as it should)  
to the url message.cgi?

    when i access that info with ->param('fieldname'), the url data  
in the get string takes precedence and ignores the POST

obviously, the correct recourse is to go through all of my templates,  
make sure that there is a valid and specified page that the action is  
posting to, and yell at those who left those fields blank in  
templates they gave to me.

but, can i hope (can i? seriously.) that there is some mechanism in  
mp2/libapreq that will let me explcitly choose whether param is  
pulling POST or GET data for a given fieldname - so i can put a  
temporary solution in place?  because I really not in a template- 
fixing mood right now , and i'd rather just use some code until later.

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