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From gb>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI and NameVirtualHost
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:07:45 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>Am I doing something wrong? Can Apache::DBI hold several handlers for
>>one httpd process? I suspect that user connects to different processes
>>and the handler (dbname/username/pass) do not always match.
>Apache::DBI will cache connections on a per-connection-string basis, once in
>each child process.  so, if each connection to a database is made using a
>different username each will be cached and you'll end up with
>users*processes number of cached connections in total.
The problem is that connection number is greater than users*processes! I 
have 5 db users(one for each of five sites) and MaxClients = 90 but the 
connection count can reach 500 limit easily on workload peaks and is 
willing to grow further! This sites are very heavyloaded indeed.
I use Apache 2, mp2.0.1 and Apache::DBI -0.9901

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