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From Aaron Dancygier <>
Subject Krang ANNOUNCE: 2.000
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 17:03:07 GMT
We're pleased to announce that Krang v2.000 is now available.  This
is a full fledged major release.  Although largely the same as v1.999.
2.000 is more mature with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.  Also not
to be ignored is the availability of time saving binary distributions
for Fedora core 3, Fedora core 4, FreeBSD and RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.

Notable changes in this release:

  * Fixed a bug in bin/krang_backup where foreign key constraints in the wrong
    order were conflicting with addons containing innodb tables.  Patch sets
    foreign_key_checks=0 at the top of the dump file.

  * Fixed a bug in Krang::Publisher::ZeroSizeOutPut().

  * Added 'delete' action to track in Krang::History::add_history().
    Added add_history() calls in Krang::Story::delete(),
    Krang::Template::delete(), and Krang::Media::delete()

  * Converted default element set to use Krang::ClassLoader and
    Krang::ClassFactory in compliance with new addon system.

  * Fixed a bug where deleting an element and then reverting to an older
    version where that element existed didn't properly restore the
    element.  The old element would load properly but save wouldn't
    restore it in the database.

  * Added support for Fedora Core 4.

  * Added Binaries for Fedora core 3 and 4, FreeBSD 5.4 and
    RedHat Enterprise Linux 4

For more information about Krang, visit the Krang website:

There you can download Krang, view screenshots, read documentation,
join our mailing-lists and access the CVS tree.

Detailed change-log here:

Krang is an Open Source web-publisher / content-management system
designed for large-scale magazine-style websites.  It is a 100% Perl
application using Apache/mod_perl and MySQL, as well as numerous CPAN

Krang provides a powerful and easy to use story and media editing
environment for magazine editors, as well as a complete template
development environment for web designers. On the back-end, Perl
programmers can customize Krang to control the data entered in the
story editor and add code to drive the templates to build
output. Krang can be enhanced with add-ons containing new skins and
other new features.  Krang easily handles large data sets and can
manage multiple websites in a single installation.

  - the Krang team

Aaron Dancygier

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