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From "Carl Johnstone" <>
Subject Re: A handler just for the / location
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:10:09 GMT
> Yes it also handles that path (no-path)
> I heard that some browsers use to add the "/" after the location if it
> doesn't end in "/", but I am not sure they do that because for example if 
> I
> have an URL like:
> then Internet Explorer doesn't add a "/" after it if /test location is
> handled by a mod_perl handler, but it adds a "/" if /test is a common
> directory.
> IE cannot know if /test is a directory or just a virtual path, so "/" 
> might
> be returned by Apache.
> Anyway, I am not sure, so I have created a little client with LWP that 
> gets
> (without a trailing /) and the page is displayed
> correctly.

/test and /test/ are different URL's, and of course may serve different 

If apache only finds a directory it issues a redirect to /test/ so that 
relative URLs in any index page work correctly.

The annoying thing that IE does here is that it stores the URL *without* the 
slash in it's history - so if you want to use autocomplete or the drop-down 
you have to manually re-add the slash.

That said, IE5 suffered a much, much worse bug. If you submitted a url with 
a query string a=b it was then impossible to submit a=B without clearing 
your browser history as IE automatically "corrected" the case of your 
request based the entry in it's history...


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