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From "Saurabh Soni" <>
Subject RE: Apache 2.0.54+Perl5.8.7+mod_perl2.0.1 (win32) - Redirection problem
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 07:44:54 GMT
Hi Randy/other experts,

I managed to fix the redirection problem. Following is a part of, what I
think, the offending script and its correction. The server seems to be
working fine now. I was changing the value of "location" when creating
header of the page in case of a redirect. This worked fine in Apache 1.3. I
have now explicitly used redirect call to redirect to another page in 2.0.


print $self->header(%HEADER, -location => self->{page_redirect});


Replaced by


print CGI::redirect(%HEADER, -location=> $self->{page_redirect});


Thanks for your help and support




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From: Randy Kobes [] 
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 2:51 AM
To: Saurabh Soni
Subject: Re: Apache 2.0.54+Perl5.8.7+mod_perl2.0.1 (win32) - Redirection


On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, Saurabh Soni wrote:


> Hi,


> I have a perl web-application on apache that needed upgrades for perl,

> apache and mod_perl. I setup a server (win32) running Apache 2.0.54 with

> perl 5.8.7 and mod_perl 2.0.1 (Randy Kobes win32 build), made the

> httpd.conf changes but got stuck at a redirection problem. The old perl

> uses CGI::Redirect to redirect to certain pages of the application from

> default page. This causes the server to go in an endless loop of redirects

> to the same page until the following error message appears in error log.


Can you give a minimal example script or handler that

exhibits this behaviour? I tried the following script:



# called as http://localhost/perl/redirect

use strict;

use CGI qw(redirect);

print redirect('http://localhost/perl/printenv');


run under ModPerl::Registry, and it worked fine.

This is with version 3.10.



best regards,

randy kobes


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