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From Jeff Ambrosino <>
Subject hanging CPU-sucking httpd procs that say "..reading.."
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 21:09:38 GMT
Hi mod_perl folks,

I'm getting occasional hanging httpd children (prefork) that suck up
alot of CPU and
bog down my server. When I inspect Apache Status (ExtendedStatus On), I see
something like this:

434-3 11031 0/29/612 R  0.49 1341 0 0.0 0.20 4.09  ? ? ..reading.. 

There's no client IP, no virtual host, and no URI, just "..reading.."
Since these hung
procs don't die off by themselves, I'm thinking of setting up
Apache::Watchdog.  But,
before I resort to this, I'd like to do some more investigation to see
if I can't find and
fix the source of the problem.  Unfortunately this is a production server so I
can't do anything too intrusive.  Any suggestions for where to look or
other ways
to debug/diagnose this problem?

FYI I'm using httpd-2.0.54, mp2.0.0-RC4, libapreq2-2.04_03-dev.


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