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From Kurt Hansen <>
Subject Re: Apache2::SOAP newbie
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:07:15 GMT
John ORourke wrote:

> A little OT, but has anyone got any experience or examples that use 
> Apache2::SOAP or some other means to create a mod_perl SOAP server?
> I'm rushing headlong into SOAP development and (as one does) tackled 
> something nice and big for my first project - a Perl SOAP server that 
> receives and sends MS .NET DataSet objects as parameters!

Hi John,

I recently got a SOAP::Lite client running and had some problems when 
communicating with a .NET server. The .NET server did not take too 
kindly to the XML SOAP::Lite was producing. Not sure if there was some 
standard being violated -- though I'd bet the violator is in Redmond, WA 
if there is one --, but I found the following article helpful:

The issue was with two things. One, I had to do something to "on_action" 
as noted below. The article has a different solution. Two, the Windows 
server did not like the XML that SOAP::Lite produced. Specifically, it 
was the data that the Windows server could not read. SOAP::Lite produced 
  XML that added a namespX: at the front of the data tag, e.g.

<namesp2:SOMENAME DATANAME xsi:type="xsd:string">data</DATANAME>

while the Windows server expected:

<DATANAME xsi:type="xsd:string">data</DATANAME>

Strangely enough, I can't re-create what was going wrong right now so 
what you see above is partially from memory.

I implemented the suggestions in the above article and it started working.

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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