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From Jonathan Steffan <>
Subject mod_perl, mod_proxy, mod_rewrite
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 11:02:17 GMT
Hello again all,

I have a static frontend apache (2.0.40 mp1.99) and a backend apache 
(2.0.54 mp2) that run my searches. I am mod_rewriting the frontend 
apache to take /search/a/b/c and rewrite it to the backend running on 
host:81. The backend is where the perl code is. So search/a/b/c -> 
http://localhost:81/perl/script?a=a&b=b&c=c. When I just redirect the 
connection (of course not to localhost) it seems to work fine. When I 
proxy it by adding [P] to the rewrite rule, I get the following issue:

[Wed Sep 14 04:39:08 2005] [error] 
slurp_filename('/opt/apache2/perl/script?a=a&b=b&c=c') / opening: (2) No 
such file or directory at 
/opt/perl/lib/site_perl/5.8.7/i686-linux/ModPerl/ line 540

Looks like it is not passing the arguments properly. Any ideas? I have 
used [P,NE] and [P] with the same results. The rewrite happens correctly 
and shows when using [R]. Thanks for any help.


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