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From pradeep kumar <>
Subject Re: [mp2] $| doesn't work with mod_perl
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:21:27 GMT
mod_deflate is not loaded on my system and I can still see this problem.

I instrumented some portion of the code to understand the flow and I have
some questions. The modperl_filter.c has a function modperl_wbucket_flush().
Now the add_flush_bucket variable that is passed to this function is not set
even when $| is enabled. If I manually set it, the autoflush happens as
expected. I wanted to know when this variable is set and why setting it
manually seems to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

On 9/23/05, Tom Schindl <> wrote:
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> Does $r->rflush(); help? Although it should do the same then seting $|
> to undef.
> Tom
> Tom Schindl wrote:
> > pradeep kumar wrote:
> >
> >>>Can you please elaborate on why apache filters can be an issue with the
> >>>autoflush problem that I noticed ?
> >>>
> >>>Also, I noticed that the autoflush work properly when I flush it to a
> >>>regular file. Its only when I choose STDOUT that the flushing gets
> >>>delayed. Is there some buffering that happens with STDOUT alone ? I am
> >>>confused if this is a modperl problem or an Apache problem.
> >>>
> >
> >
> > Well I guess that I read it a while ago but I'm not sure of. As far as I
> > understand the Apache2-Filter-System because a bucket is only sent to
> > the filter system after the BUFFER is full. But I really have no idea
> > what happens behind the scences after the print-call.
> >
> > Maybe Stas, Geoff or someone else can look at this and tell you more.
> >
> > Tom
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