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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject RE: *nix distro compatibility (was Re: survey)
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 16:46:09 GMT
On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 22:50 -0700, David Christensen wrote:
> If I understand it correctly, Catalyst can run under Perl/CGI, Apache/ mod_perl
> CGI emulation layers (Apache::Registry, FastCGI?, others?), Apache/ mod_perl,
> Apache2/ mod_perl2 CGI emulation layers (?), and Apache2/ mod_perl2.  It's a
> matter of choosing the right engine, or letting Catalyst make the choice for
> you.  It looks very compelling.  But, I need to find a stable platform first.

I don't think this changes your situation any.  CGI is not really fast
enough to use, so you still need mod_perl or FastCGI.  Because the
current crop of linux distros came out before mod_perl 2 but couldn't
use mod_perl 1 (since they are using apache 2), they have poor mod_perl
support in their packaging systems.  You can wait for the next round, or
build your own packages, or use an OS like FreeBSD which has a more up-
to-date package.  You can also try FastCGI or SpeedyCGI, but I don't
know what the situation is like with packages for them.

In my experience, supporting other people's apache builds is  hard, and
it's much simpler to give them a package that installs somewhere other
than /usr/local/apache and runs on a port other than 80.  Then they can
proxy to it from their crazy apache build and you don't have to make
your stuff work with someone else's out-of-date and broken stuff.

- Perrin

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