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From "Frank Maas" <>
Subject RE: Scope Question
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2005 17:44:09 GMT

I am getting a bit nervous and since it is Saturday and I am -1 day before
a deadline, this is not good. So, although this thread (and my question) is
drifting towards basic Perl, I try my luck.

I make use of the following construction

package A::B::C;
my %CFG = ( some_tag => some_config, ... }
sub do_something {
  do_something_else( $CFG{some_tag} );

After reading much of this discussion I am beginning to wonder if I am 
creating closures? (I must admit that the concept of closures is -for
some reason- very hard for me to grasp). If this is creating closures,
then what would be a better approach?



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