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From "Badai Aqrandista" <>
Subject Re: maintaining shared memory size
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 04:13:31 GMT
>Okay, so it's slow because it does a lot of work.  How does it do this 
>search?  Is it a bunch of SQL queries, or a request to a remote server of 
>some other kind, or an internal calculation?  Is there some possible 
>caching you can do?
Lots of SQL queries and calculation based on the query results. I've cached 
most of the query results, but the calculation results can't be cached 
because they depend on user inputs.

>I would probably use some sort of queue system here.  I would have the 
>mod_perl process push requests onto a queue (probably in a database) and 
>then have a separate daemon, maybe on a different machine, do the work and 
>return the answer.  It would allow you to split the search into multiple 
>pieces that happen in parallel, and handle them on multiple machines 
>simultaneously.  It would also separate the web request, which is fast, 
>from the slow search request.  That lets your server scale to handling many 
>more clients at once, even though some of them are just waiting for their 
Good idea!!! Thanks... You've been a great help...
POE sounds good to start with, right?

Badai Aqrandista
Cheepy (?)

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