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From "Badai Aqrandista" <>
Subject Re: apache children waits for each other?
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 23:05:01 GMT

>I'm assuming that each client database is contained within the same
>MySQL server, and that you're not running 300 MySQL servers on different
>machines or different ports?

Yes, why would I do that?

>If so, you can reuse the same connections, and just reference the
>different database in the query.So :
>select *
>from db1.table1
>select *
>from db2.table1
>When you connect and specify a database name, you're just specifying the
>default database.

I don't know it's even possible in mysql. Its reference docs doesn't say 
that it is (


Badai Aqrandista
Cheepy (?)

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