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From "Joe Thomas" <>
Subject RE: Apache::DBI patches
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 22:18:53 GMT
These patches were originally by Patrick Mulvany, and posted to mod_perl
in 2003.  I've made sure they apply to Apache-DBI-0.99, and are
compatible with my re-scoping of $Idx.

The ping patch looks obviously correct to me.  It makes sure that the
database is always pinged on connect() if PingTimeOut is set to 0.

Here's the original description of the "reset" patch:

patch from Patrick Mulvany July 21, 2003
        - Fixed issues relating to changing handle state post
          Handles now returned in same state as original and incomplete
          transactions rolled back before re-issuing handle so
          should now be safe. "Patrick Mulvany" <>


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