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From "Adam Prime x443" <>
Subject RE: survey
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 17:16:57 GMT

I can't find anything recent for java.  

Either way though, I think these numbers are useless for the most part.  I would guess that
the vast majority of the sites that have mod_perl or mod_php in their headers are mass hosting
providers that are running default installs and that their users either can't or don't actually
use them.

The people that are actually using mod_perl to any real degree probably don't have it in their
servers headers (as you said before Perrin).


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From: Perrin Harkins []
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 12:56 PM
To: Adam Prime x443
Subject: RE: survey

On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 12:47 -0400, Adam Prime x443 wrote:
> PHP uses:  X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.11
> To effectively bypass the front end server problem.

We decided not to do that, since it's intrusive.

What I was asking about is whether anyone checked to see if the numbers
for other things seem to be going up or down.  Because of the way
Netcraft does these surveys, it is not a zero sum game: one going down
does not mean others going up.

- Perrin

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