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From David Nicol <>
Subject Re: is there a templating system that....
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 02:32:13 GMT
On 8/15/05, Matisse Enzer <> wrote:

> Just a data point:
>   I'm the maintainer of Text::TagTemplate and will soon release a version
>   that lets you set the regexes that define the start and end of a tag.

FWIW, I have just uploaded TipJar::Template::fill to CPAN.  It
is an abstraction around the s/// operator, that creates fill subroutines
in the caller's package, that substitute data into templates.  It defaults
to using [square_brackets] but takes "regex" as an argument, so it
could be configured to read simple petal templates or templates from
any other system as long as variable substitution is all you want to do.

The hash from which the data is read to substitute in is configurable
with a "hashref" argument and defaults to a hash with the same name
as the subroutine, which defaults to "fill."

Please direct feedback on it to me off-list and I will modify the documentation
accordingly, for instace including a list of regexes to make it handle simple
replacement templates from all the systems Perrin Harkins lists in his

David L Nicol
The original republican:

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