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From Eric>
Subject Re: mod_perl2 and PHP
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 17:24:52 GMT
At 10:07 AM 8/6/2005, Tony Clayton wrote:
>Quoting Thomas Klausner <>:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Is it possible and advisable to write the complex part of an
> > application
> > (the Controller, if you like) in mod_perl2 and use PHP as a frontend
> > (or
> > View) ?
>It should be possible, perhaps by calling php from apache subrequests
>the mod_perl code, but it won't be efficient, and doesn't sound very
>As an alternative, you might be able to use SOAP/RPC requests in the
>code to offload the backend work to a mod_perl SOAP/RPC server.  Again,
>not very efficient or practical.

I don't agree. Ok, sure there is some loss in performance(I choose XML-RPC 
because it is lightweight next to SOAP IMHO), but I did something very much 
like this for "social" reasons. Our bosses and many of our lower end people 
only know PHP. I had also to adopt to some affiliate system code that was 
and would likely forever be written in PHP. The solution was to use XML-RPC 
with PHP being the client and mod_perl/apache being the server. It is not 
that efficient in comparison to a pure mod_perl setup or even a pure PHP 
system for that matter. But it does end up being very scaleable because 
many PHP servers can be handled by one mod_perl backend. And it allows all 
of the presentation to be handled in PHP/Smarty by the people who know how 
to do that. While at the same time all of the code is in hopefully fairly 
clean oop Perl. :) It has turned out to be a great compromise for us.

The best technical answer is not always the best answer.



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