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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: swamped with connection?
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 19:08:46 GMT
Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 August 2005 14:23, Perrin Harkins wrote:
>>However, you should be aware that a few months back we discovered that
>>our methods for measuring shared memory didn't work very well on Linux
>>2.4 kernels and don't really work at all on 2.6 kernels, so there may be
>>more sharing (via copy-on-write) going on than you can see here.
> See also
Speaking of which, is there any reason not to commit this?

I can finally verify that it works(doesn't break anything) locally on a new box I've got.

One comment might be to add an option to turn it off even if the newer Smaps support is

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