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From Jonathan Steffan <>
Subject Re: Apache, Mod_Perl Upgrade Take 2
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 15:55:21 GMT
Tom Schindl wrote:

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>>I went back to my 2.0.40 install of Apache. The 2.0.54 was not playing
>>nice with plesk. How do I update the @INC path and/or mod_perl for the
>>new perl 5.8.7? I try using CPAN with install Bundle::Apache and no go.
>>Any ideas?
>I not sure if there have been API changes since 2.0.40 and 2.0.54 but
>compiling mod-perl-2.x with apache 2.0.54 and use it with 2.0.40 this
>will certainly lead to very strange situations you.
>As in the message before there's nothing wrong when running 2.0.40 if
>your plesk system needs it and install your own apache-2.0.54 and run it
>on a different port (e.g. 81).
>As already said before als compiling Apache-2.0.x is straight forward
>and nothing you could not manage without reading the bundled
>- ------------------8<------------------
>tar xzvf stable.tar.gz
>cd perl-5.8.7/
>sh ./Configure -de -Dprefix=/opt/myperl
>make test
>make install
>cd ..
>tar xjvf httpd-2.0.54.tar.bz2
>cd httpd-2.0.54
>./configure --prefix=/opt/myapache
>make install
>vi /opt/myapache/conf/httpd.conf # search for Listen and set it to 81
>cd ..
>cd mod_perl-2.0.1/
>/opt/myperl/bin/perl Makefile.PL MP_APXS=/opt/myapache/bin/apxs
>make test
>make install
>vi /opt/myapache/conf/httpd.conf # Add LoadModule perl_module
>/opt/myapache/bin/apachectl start
>- ------------------8<------------------
>I've timed it and it took my now exactly 20 Minutes to get a setup with:
>- - perl 5.8.7
>- - httpd-2.0.54
>- - mod-perl 2.0.1
>When it comes to php I have no idea but I think its also that straight
>forward. As I've always said I'm not a friend of those rpm's and it
>really does take that long to get a running system. At least less time
>than it took you:
>- - find what's going wrong with your installation
>- - work with ancient software like apache-2.0.40 causing you headache
>  because you are runing it long standing fixed bugs
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Thanks so much for everyones help. I think I will run the apache 2.0.40 
for all of the main site and everything. Would it be a performance issue 
to run both at the same time? Also, I will need to share variables (or 
at least a cookie or something for authorized users) between the two 
servers/scripts. Is this possible? I will need to auth a user from one 
server (using PHP/Mambo)... and only allow those authed users to use 
this second server. I am very open to suggestions. I have both  Perl 
5.8.0 and 5.8.7 installed. Both seems to still be working fine. The main 
system (when just using perl from the $PATH) is now using 5.8.7. Perl 
5.8.0 seems to still be working and installed. I wouldn't need mod_php 
on the second server... at least night right away... so that is not an 
issue. Is it best to install into /opt? I didn't do this for Perl.. nor 
the new apache, however I removed all apache2 files I could find with 
'locate'. I prefer to use RPMs... however the main httpd server is an 
RPM... 2.0.40. Also, I can have many IPs... so I would maybe not run on 
port 81... just run it on 80 on a different IP. Thanks in advance.


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