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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: make test fails (Solaris and Linux, same problem)
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:12:52 GMT
Gordon Lack wrote:
> 1. Problem Description:
>    The server core dumps when running make test.
>    This happens on both Solaris and Linux systems (with the equivalent
> perl, Apache and mod_perl configurations).
>    Having got the core dump info I added some printf statements to the
> start of ap_pcw_walk_files_config in modperl_pcw.c to print the values
> of dconf, dconf->sec_file and dconf->sec_file->elts.  
>    This showed:
> GML dconf: ab0e0
> GML dconf->sec_file: 2
> (and then a SIGSEGV trying to use this "2" as a point to get to
> dconf->sec_file->elts).  
> This 2 looks decidely unpointer-like.  Could Apache and mod_perl differ
> over what they think is in a core_dir_config struct and hence
> dconf->sec_file refer to a different offset?

This strange kind of segfaults is usually the syptoms of disagreements in
large-file support in httpd/apr/perl.

Detecting these kind of configuration problems has been discussed before, but
it's not quite as easy as it sounds ;-)

You can see one of the original discussions about this here:

And it's evolution into a solution here:

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