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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Is there a bug in Apache 2, ModPerl 2 or APR for data larger than 64k?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 18:18:39 GMT
Sive Lindmark wrote:
> Hi!
> Have used mod_perl 2.0 and newer  for a while and it have worked very 
> well on Mac OS X and Free BSD servers. Now on a Xserve with Mac Os 10.4 
> the following happens. Requesting a web page with little contents works 
> okey but an bigger contents the loading always stops in the middle with 
> the following error message in error_log.
> (35)Resource temporarily unavailable: core_output_filter: writing data 
> to the network
> The error is coming in different places in the code but always about 
> half the page so searching the web I found some stuff. "There is a bug 
> in APR 0.9.6 that is present when it is running on Tiger, and shows up 
> when you attempt to check out a file larger than 64K." 
> If this the cause of our problem I sought that by installing the latest 
> versions of mod_perl and apache2 (SERVER_SOFTWARE = Apache/2.1.6 (Unix) 
> mod_perl/2.0.2-dev Perl/v5.8.6) could fix this.....  but no
> I also tried setting a environment variable  before configuring Apache 
> and modPerl2 suggested as fix above.
> "Currently, the best solution is to rebuild Apache from their respective 
> sources, setting the following environment variable before running 
> configure for Apache in Bourne shell syntax, like this: 
> ac_cv_func_poll=no; export ac_cv_func_poll     "
> Now I have no more ideas about what to do....  any suggestions?

As it seem that the bug is in libapr you should make sure to use the 
latest. It's possible that you are still using the old library. Try

   ldd httpd

and see which it links to.

> What APR version is there in latest mod_perl?   Can the bug above still 
> be there or ...

libapr is either installed separately or/and while installing apache, it 
has not much to do with mod_perl, besides mod_perl providing a perl glue 
for it.

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