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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: CGI character translation???
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 15:44:59 GMT
Thom Hehl wrote:
> OK, not exactly perl, but this was the closest list I could find.
> I am running a perl CGI script that launches a java program. This java 
> program writes output files that are delimited using what I believe to 
> be a unicode character. On most editors it looks like an upside-down 
> question mark, which I believe is correct. On some editors, it shows as 
> a degree symbol. This character is represented by the hex pair 0xc2a1. 
> Here is the character 'ยก'.
> Now here is the problem. When I test my java program everything is 
> great. When I test the perl script to launch the java program, all is 
> still well. When I run my perl script through CGI, though, it replaces 
> each occurrence of the above character with ??. I cannot understand why 
> the CGI is interfering with file output from my program. This is not 
> going through display, but is directly writing this file. Anyone have 
> any ideas?
> Also, if anyone can suggest a better list, I'd appreciate that too.
Are you using version if so) and are you passing this though 

You might try a utf-8 perl list:

this is the only one with utf-8 in the desc.

UTF-8 continually has bugs fixed and enhanced in the perl core.  What 
version of perl are you using ?

Sorry I only asked questions, maybe they will point you somewhere useful.

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