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From Thom Hehl <>
Subject CGI character translation???
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 13:54:03 GMT
OK, not exactly perl, but this was the closest list I could find.

I am running a perl CGI script that launches a java program. This java 
program writes output files that are delimited using what I believe to 
be a unicode character. On most editors it looks like an upside-down 
question mark, which I believe is correct. On some editors, it shows as 
a degree symbol. This character is represented by the hex pair 0xc2a1. 
Here is the character 'ยก'.

Now here is the problem. When I test my java program everything is 
great. When I test the perl script to launch the java program, all is 
still well. When I run my perl script through CGI, though, it replaces 
each occurrence of the above character with ??. I cannot understand why 
the CGI is interfering with file output from my program. This is not 
going through display, but is directly writing this file. Anyone have 
any ideas?

Also, if anyone can suggest a better list, I'd appreciate that too.


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