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From Dominique Quatravaux <>
Subject Re: Am I running mod perl 2?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:13:53 GMT
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Philip M. Gollucci wrote:

> Okay, I at least understand what you are saying now.
> will be in your environment even if you happen to be running a
> REGULAR CGI from /cgi-bin on mod_cgi.

Part of the problem indeed. There are other practical problems (e.g.
PerlSetupEnv Off used to disable $ENV{MOD_PERL} under mod_perl 1.3,
don't know if this is still the case). Also we may be invoking Perl
scripts from mod_perl using a piped open(), although we arguably could
mangle the %ENV by ourselves then.

Also the code purity department inside me thinks it's obvious that a
Perl notion (mod_perl version) should be materialized through a Perl
mechanism (variable or sub) instead of the UNIX env, but maybe that's
just me. No software library that I know of signals its version number
by setting an environment variable at program startup! Therefore the
whole $ENV{MOD_PERL} idea very much looks like a bad NCSA-legacy
thinko to me (mimicked from $ENV{GATEWAY_INTERFACE}, which *does*
actually make sense).

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