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From David Hodgkinson <>
Subject Re: apache children waits for each other?
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 08:28:06 GMT

On 16 Aug 2005, at 06:55, Badai Aqrandista wrote:

>> Badai Aqrandista wrote:
>>> My mod_perl web app uses memcached to cache most of the (MySQL)  
>>> database query results and as the session storage  
>>> (Apache::Session::Memcached).
>> Would it be a problem for your application if you suddenly lost  
>> all of your session data?  That could happen with memcached.
> Yes, I'm aware of that. The problem is that the database structure  
> is a reminiscent of the old version, which creates one database per  
> client. It used to be only 40 clients and one web server. Now we  
> have 300+ clients (=300+ databases) and 2 web servers. I always get  
> 'Too many connections' error when I test the application with more  
> than 100 concurrent request. Any other ideas?

Yes, really read an understand the chapters in the mod_perl guide about
setting up two_tier servers and what the implications are.

You may need to do some MySQL tuning too if you haven't already.  
There are
parameters in there to do with the number of concurrent open databases.

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