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From Rodger Castle <>
Subject mod_perl2 custom form handler and Motorola i530 phone
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:54:04 GMT
This is likely not a strictly mod_perl2 problem, but I'm not finding resolution elsewhere.

I have written a custom form data submission parser for our site. Admittedly, not one of my
wiser decisions, but it works .. until now.

We have a customer trying to use a Motorola i530 phone with a portion of our site. Besides
not accepting cookies, this phone is doing truly strange things with the form submission data.
When we pull the form data, the field names have doubly-escaped 's and /s surronding the name
in the form of %2527 and %255C. It's also putting in /' sequences before the requested URL
like so .. /'/'/'quote.html

Would a more 'standard' form parser alleviate some of this or is this just a broken client.
I really don't want to introduce a more heavyweight module just for this.

Thank you for any guidance that could be given.


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