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From Praveen Ray <>
Subject Re: Clearsilver Templates
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:39:02 GMT
> > The
> > Template-Toolkit is getting rather slow for our needs
> and
> > I'm looking around for alternatives.
> That's pretty surprising.  Pure template processing is
> your bottleneck? 
>   Are you doing some kind of data processing or data
> retrieval from 
> inside of your templates?

I suspect its because we've written a large number of
moderately complex macros to hide common HTML
an L_SELECT macro to draw <select> box , L_TABLE to draw
moderately complex tables.
All these macros end up taking bunch of parameters 
in order to customize the behaviour. And, we must run thru
lots of IF, ELSE checks inside macros depending upon what
is passed..probably that takes a lot of time.
Or, is it the fact that TT uses string concatenation for
every MACRO and BLOCK's output?
I wish TT could write onto output stream as the output is
generated instead of first building a giant string.

  - Praveen  

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