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From Thomas Hilbig <>
Subject [mp2] porting/co-existence questions
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 14:49:09 GMT
I have many CGI scripts running under mp2 using
ModPerl::Registry, that I want to re-architect to use
more Apache API's (for speed) and handlers (i.e.
authentication, logging). 

I have been getting up to speed on the mp2 docs these
past couple of weeks.    I haven't really seen any
good recommendations as to when to use the
methods instead of the Apache2 methods - especially
docs that are updated for mp2, so I can avoid having
to learn the mp1 API and then unlearn/port to mp2. 
Has anyone got any tips or seen any current documents
on when/not to use instead of the native Apache
API with respect to;

	fetching/setting cookies
	fetching parameters (GET arguments or POST)
	simple HTML elements 
	more complex HTML elements (forms, header/body)
	print vs. $r->print

Also, the mp2 User's Guide (section 10.9.1) says now takes $r as an argument to its new()
function.  What benefit is this?  Is it required? 


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