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From "Michele Gherlone" <>
Subject Getting to learn more about modperl2 API
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 20:08:07 GMT
Hi all,
I hope this message is appropriate here and won't break 
any of the holy rules of the list...
I've recently upgraded my production environment to 
modperl 2.0.1 and Apache 2.0.54 under linux and Mason 
1.29_02. I run a pretty complicated, but powerful 
configuration and everything is ok. Porting all of my 
stuff to MP2, I really felt that it is not yet documented 
as one would expect.
For example I'd like to know more about Apache's request 
life cycle. I scanned all the documents available online, 
but didn't really find something which explains in details 
when the major hooks of Perl*Handlers really happen (and 
their relationships with Apache's modules).
I try to ask here a few questions (no homework -:):
-when does mod_dir really make its job?
-How comes that, if serving a directory under SetHandler 
modperl, one can have mod_dir doing its job by means of a 
PerlFixupHanlder, simply setting 
$r->handler('APACHE_MAGIC_DIR') and returning OK?
-Does this mean that the cycle has to restart, since the 
PerlResponseHandler (or eventually e default-handler) is 
never run?
-Why does this simple PerlTypeHandler:
package Apache::MIMEMagic;
use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(OK DECLINED);
use File::MMagic;
use strict;
sub handler {
   my $r = shift;
   my $ct;
   if (defined $r->filename && $r->filename) {
   return Apache2::Const::OK;
(if applied server wide) completely break for ALL of the 
directories under DocumentRoot the behaviour of mod_dir 
(DirectoryIndex lists completely ignored)?
Hoping I won't get neither ignored nor flamed, thanx in 

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