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From Marc Tardif <>
Subject Re: Failure calling BOOT: code
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:52:11 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Marc Tardif wrote:
> [...]
>> The problem is that if I uncomment the require line in the handler, I 
>> get the following error message in /tmp/mod_perl.error.log:
>>   Error loading Mozilla::LDAP::API: perldap_init failed
>> The solution might be related to the following XS code in API.xs:
>>   BOOT:
>>   if ( perldap_init() != 0) {
>>      fprintf(stderr,
>>      "Error loading Mozilla::LDAP::API: perldap_init failed\n");
>>      exit(1);
>>   }
>> So, perhaps perldap_init() is being called multiple times. Is there 
>> something I can try in mod_perl to avoid this kind of problem? Can I 
>> provide more information to help solve this problem?
> I'd try to add some debug prints in perldap_init() function and see 
> where it fails (or step through with debugger).

The Mozilla::LDAP::API module was installed from an RPM. I have the 
source but the makefiles don't work out of the box. I have tried 
fiddling around with the compilation flags but haven't managed to get 
the module compiled again. I would prefer to attach to the process with 
gdb but the problem is that it that the process dies when encountering a 
problem with the Perl module (see exit(1) in the XS code above).

> If it was a problem at the startup and if perldap uses some static C 
> variables, you could have used

I have tried printing the restart_count value in my handler and it 
always returns 2. Could that be the problem?

> However it looks like a runtime problem.
> What if you preload Mozilla::LDAP::API at the server startup?

Same thing, I still get the error message:
Error loading Mozilla::LDAP::API: perldap_init failed

> Are you using threads?

No, I'm not using threads. How can I make sure hasn't been 
compiled with threads?

> Can you please send the complete bug report as 
> explained at


Marc Tardif
(514) 866-8883

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