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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI, exceeding max connections and Perl CPU usage
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 21:07:08 GMT
On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 20:57 +0000, Mark Stosberg wrote:
> Unrelated, I was just reviewing your slides from MVC presentation I
> missed at YAPC. I would have liked to met you there. I did get to met
> Michael Peters, another fine representative of your firm.

I'm glad you and Michael got a chance to meet.  I did want to talk with
you and the rest of the CGI::Application gang, but didn't quite have
time at this one.  Maybe at OSCON, if you're going.

> Thanks for the suggestion. I see we had it at 250, while our other front
> end server had 180. The database server has a maximum of 400
> connections, so it makes sense that our total count of Apache processes
> should be less than that. 

You should also check to make sure that you are really opening only one
connection per process.  You can use the Apache::DBI debugging to check
that on your dev server.

> We are also investigating if the Cache::FileCache caching we are doing
> may have played a part, but we haven't found any strong evidence to
> support that angle so far.

I'd recommend that you stop using Cache::FileCache and replace it with
something like Cache::FastMmap.  It's at least an order of magnitude

> Oddly, I tried using Apache::DProf, but the Perl processes we noticed
> that were using the CPU never produced the debugging output.

Maybe they got caught in some kind of tight loop.  You can sometimes get
useful info by running strace on processes like that.

- Perrin

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