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From raja agireddy <>
Subject r->get_basic_auth_pw(...)
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 15:53:58 GMT

I have implemented modperl2.0, Apache2.0 and AuthenSmb0.72. I have
modified AuthenSmb to include timeout conditions.

Everthing works fine, with an exception.
When the user logs in first does any wrong thing with the password and
user entry the r->get_basic_auth_pw(...) returns 01.
After the first time out also the r->get_basic_auth_pw(...) works fine.
>From the second timeout onwards if the user hits cancel the
r->get_basic_auth_pw(...) returns 0 i.e successful.
I do not know why it is returning this way. This is the only exception
condition when it returns the wrong status result. Please let me know
if you know anything about this issue.


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