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From Jeff Ambrosino <>
Subject delete a specific Set-Cookie header within a proxied response?
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:12:29 GMT
We have the need to delete a specific Set-Cookie header found in the
reponse within a reverse proxy [Apache2, libapreq2, mod_perl2,
mod_proxy with an HTTP output filter].  Looking at the docs for
APR::Table [1] it doesn't appear that this is possible.  Although you
can "unset" and "delete" based on individual keys, we have multiple
Set-Cookie response headers (so they all use the same key i.e.
"Set-Cookie").  I don't see a way to zero-in on a specific instance of
the header and remove it.  Any ideas?

FYI I'd prefer not to have to walk and re-create the entire APR table,
as this is something I potentially have to do for each and every



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