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From Ronni <>
Subject Re: Bareword "Apache::OK" not allowed while "strict subs" in use
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 20:57:47 GMT

You already know this but you're a genius!

It worked just as you said.  I used the rm -rf commands to remove any 
reference to Apache2 in the perl directories then reinstalled 
mod_perl-2.0.1 and all is well - okay, so far.  I have a TON to learn 
about how to use it but it works as promised in the documentation.  The 
example perl works from the perl directory.  They key for me was 
removing the already existing stuff.  I will be better about that next 
time!  Also, in case this helps anyone else out - I removed the 
reference in the httpd.conf file   "PerlModule Apache2"   so that the 
perl was no longer looking for /Apache2/ in the perl directories.  It's 
all fine now.  Thanks again!

And sorry, Stas!  You're right.  I spent days in the archives and they 
are difficult to find who wrote what.  I should have remembered that!

Thanks again!  You'll NEVER know how VERY much this is appreciated!

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