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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [mp2] PerlSetEnv Issue
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 15:39:35 GMT
Brian Becker wrote:
> I'm sorry to say this did not fix the problem - bit I have managed to
> hack up some of the code to get it to unset the environment.  I really
> didn't know what I was doing so there is probably a better way (and I
> don't really know the internals of mod_perl so I may have screwed other
> things up)...but here is my attempt at an explanation.


ok, that's all kinda helpful, but in a roundabout way :)

since you're in a hacking mood, if you could add a test to the mod_perl
test suite that reproduced your problem with the current SVN version
(that is, without your patch) it would help a great deal.  the test
doesn't need to be perfect wrt our standards, but if it fails with SVN
but passes with your patch (and your patch doesn't cause other tests to
fail :) then you've provided enough for me to begin integrating the fix.

really, without being able to reproduce the problem myself it's hard for
me to differentiate between a true bug and, say, a misconfiguration or

make sense?

if you need help hacking a test together post to and
I'll walk you through it (I've already started, so I have a bunch of
stuff I could send you :)


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