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From Foo Ji-Haw <>
Subject [mp2] how to install apache2::soap via activeperl
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 07:28:36 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm not exactly new to modperl, but I'm thinking of having Apache/mp2 
host soap services rather than start up the daemon via the command line.

The latest ActivePerl comes only with Apache::SOAP. I think this is not 
the right one for MP2. A search on CPAN shows a Apache2::SOAP, which I 
want to use.

I use ActivePerl (on Windows), and it seems that I can't do a 'ppm 
install apache2-soap'; it's not on their library list. Other than 
downloading the tar.gz file and unpacking it into the perl/site/lib/ 
folder on my own, is there a cleaner way to do it?

Your comments are appreciated.

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